About Us

The mission and vision of Higher Vibration is to raise the vibration of businesses and people.  As humans and businesses, we are beings made up of energetic layers of vibrating energy.  When things are stressful or negative in nature, it sucks the energy, creativity and productivity from us.  When things are positive and relaxed, we are able to vibrate higher and attract people, ideas, and business processes at our same frequency.  The higher our frequency, the more abundance we attract.  Abundance can come in many forms - happier relationships, better mood, increased sales, financial growth, etc. 

Our programs and services cultivate wellness, passion, purpose, confidence, worthiness, and creative expression.  Our programs and services are guaranteed to help people improve overall physical health, mental health, and job performance through connection and communication with the mind, body, soul, friends, family and co-workers.

Our business development team has a passion for Small Business and Community Wellness. Our members hold degrees in accounting, business communication and marketing.  Our founder has a BA and MA in Business Communication,  is a 200 Registered Yoga Instructor, Reiki Practioner, and is also Energy Medicine certified.   We work hard to inspire and empower you by bringing together our love for business and holistic healing.  We focus on building a community around you and/or your business that will result in positive personal and business growth.